Vila Pouca de Aguiar | Vreia de Jales

Forno de Jales

Hosts: Anabela and Toni

Capacity: up to 80 people.

Opening hours: Only opens for reservations with room exclusivity.

Reservation: Mandatory, 48 hours in advance, for a minimum of 12 people.

Delicacies: Boar in the pot (Javali no Pote), Codfish cooked on a tile (Bacalhau na Telha), Free range Chicken in the pot (Frango do Campo no Pote), Oven rabbit with Carqueja rice (Coelho no Forno com Arroz de Carqueja).

Type of Tavern: The Fernandes Family opens its room to very special meals, exclusively for a minimum of 12 people. From the moment of your arrival, you embark on a journey through the unique flavours that this family delicately prepares for you, with their art and passion for good hospitality.