Boticas | Vilarinho Seco

Casa do Pedro

A anfitriã da Casa do Pedro olha sorridente para o fotógrafo.

Largo da Capela, Vilarinho Seco, Boticas.

Phone: Pedro Medeiros (Son): 968457045 | Pedro Medeiros (Father): 965452620 | Fixo: 276444112


Host: Pedro Pereira (Son)

Capacity: Up to 80 people.

Opening hours: Only open for reservations, without exclusivity.

Reservation: Mandatory, 24 hours in advance, for a minimum of 10 people.

Delicacies: Barrosão Stew (Cozido Barrosão), Sausages. Rye bread and Fried bread slices with sugar and eggs (Rabanadas) with Barroso Honey.

Type of Tavern: In the village of Vilarinho Seco near Boticas you’ll find this three century-old family house whose dining room is in a wonderful inner courtyard. Fresh vegetables, bísaro pigs and Barrosãs producers, Pedro and Ana opened this restaurant in the 90’s whose highlights were Pedro’s carefully dry-cured hams and Ana’s alheiras which, in hers as well as in most of her customers opinions, hadn’t and still haven’t found their match. As traditional cuisine thrives on ancient secrets passed form generation to generation, it’s only natural that the couple’s sons, Alda and Pedro, are now in charge of this most appreciated Alto Tâmega food temple and inherited the alheiras and other family’s secret recipes. Just to play it safe you should try all those delicacies as a sort of appetizer for a taste of the real Barrosão stew. Booking strongly advised.