Boticas | Dornelas

Casa do Antigo

Host: Sr. José Medeiros and Paulo Alfredo

Capacity: Up to 50 people.

Opening hours: Opens by reservation.

Reservation: Mandatory, preferential, for groups over 10 people.

Delicacies: Cooking in an iron pot, stewed lamb, Barrosão stew, ribs rice.

Type of Tavern: Private house with dining room.

Almost hidden among mounts and valleys lies Antigo, a small village near Dornelas in the vicinity of Boticas. There, next to the chapel, you’ll find Casa do Antigo, run by José Medeiros. Entrance is through a secular wooden door and before you notice it, you’re in one of the most precious courtyards you’ll find in any of our Tabernas. The house sits on a single rock slab and its architecture has remained almost unchanged for more than three hundred years. Inside, other than an unforgettable meal, you can get warm thanks to an always burning ground fire that you can enjoy sitting in the typical stools – escanos – that surround it. Mandatory booking, opening only for at least 8 people.

Specialties: lamb in the pot, assuã bones with beans, small chops with rice, Barrosão stew. Whatever your choice, remember to ask for our famous and unique smokehouse specialties.