Vila Pouca de Aguiar | Tresminas


Entrada da Casa Chico, um edifício em pedra típica da região.

Largo do Cruzeiro, nº4 5450-269 Tresminas, Vila Pouca de Aguiar.

Phone: Maria de Lurdes Macedo: 915506083 | Francisco Carvalho: 93409630 | 25945713

Hosts: Francisco Macedo and Maria de Lurdes Macedo

Capacity: up to 40 people

Opening hours: Only open for reservations and with exclusivity.

Reservation: Mandatory, 48 hours in advance, for a minimum of 10 people.

Delicacies: Ball of Fatty Meats, Roasted Lamb in a wood-burning oven.

Type of Tavern: Casa do Ti Chico, is in Tresminas, Vila Pouca de Aguiar. A quaint and picturesque village, crossed by a stream and surrounded by forests, where bees make the well-known honey of the region. Dona Lurdes is in charge of the kitchen, she possesses the secret for creating real delicacies straight from its oven, be it balls between log fires or lamb and kid roasts. In their season, try the wild mushrooms, duly approved by experts. In any case, do not forget that you must book 48 hours in advance and for a minimum number of 10 people.

You can also visit the three gold mines, which were explored by the Romans during the occupation of Iberian Peninsula.