Boticas | Beça

Café Martinho

Host: Manuel and Jacinta Alves

Capacity: Up to 80 people

Opening hours: Every day from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm

Reservation: Mandatory for groups over 10 people

Delicacies: Alto Tâmega regional nail

Type of Tavern: Prego – a steak sandwich – is a traditional Portuguese delicacy that couldn’t be simpler: bread and a small steak. However, if you think that all pregos are the same, it’s just because you haven’t visited Café Martinho in Carreira da Lebre, home of the absolute best Alto Tâmega’s pregos. You can have them for breakfast, at lunch, for dinner, or whenever you want to try to discover what makes them so special: is it the regional meat provided by a hand-picked local supplier, the way they are prepared, or Jacinta’s well-kept secret recipe? Whether you decide for a single factor or for the sum of them all, you’ll come to understand why there are so many stories of satisfied clients that keep coming time and time again. So, if you’re in the vicinity of Carreira da Lebre, you know what to do: take a break, enter Café Martinho, ask for a prego, and discover why people say that it’s only here that you can eat like this.