Boticas | Vilarinho Seco

Casa do Pedro

A anfitriã da Casa do Pedro olha sorridente para o fotógrafo.

Largo da Capela, Vilarinho Seco, Boticas.

Phone: Fixo: 276444112 | Ana Medeiros: 966881823 | Pedro Medeiros: 965452620


Hosts:  Ana Pereira and Pedro Pereira

Capacity: up to 80 people

Opening hours: Only open for reservations, without exclusivity.

Reservation: Mandatory, 24 hours in advance, for a minimum of 10 people.

Delicacies: Barrosão Stew (Cozido Barrosão), Sausages. Rye bread and Fried bread slices with sugar and eggs (Rabanadas) with Barroso Honey.

Type of Tavern: A private house with a room prepared for meals, with the use of own homemade products, except for rice and cod fish. Regional recipes, strongly seasonally based.